Product Overview

EAI stock an extensive range of OEM or equivalent service parts from our trusted and established suppliers

Our range includes:

  • Brakes
    Discs, pads, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, drums, shoes, hoses & handbrake cables

  • Clutch kits & components
    Master & slave cylinders, dual mass flywheels, solid flywheel conversion kits, clutch forks, spigot bushes, selector rods & input shaft sleeves

  • Cooling / Heating
    Radiators, water pumps, thermostats & housings, temperature switches, radiator fans, radiator hoses, heater hoses, overflow bottles, evaporators, condensers, air conditioning compressors, heater fans and heater fan resistors
  • Electrical / Ignition
    Starter motors, alternators, distributor leads, coils, spark plugs, glow plugs & relays, oxygen sensors, top dead center sensors, flywheel speed sensors and camshaft sensors
  • Engine components
    Cam belts & pulleys, cam & timing kits, VRS gasket sets, EGR valves, fuel injectors, valve guides, head bolts kits, oil caps, dip sticks & engine mounts
  • Filters
    Oil, Air, Fuel & Cabin
  • Interior / Exterior
    Wipers & wiper blades, cables, pedal pads, washer bottles & motors
  • Fuel System
    Fuel pumps, injectors, sender units, throttle bodies, air mass sensors, pressure switches, regulators & intercoolers
  • Lighting
    Headlamps, tail lamps, driving lights, park & and indicator lights
  • Suspension / Steering
    Shock absorbers, bump stops, strut top mounts, sway bars, links, bushes, control arms, pumps, boots, gaskets & seals

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