New Products


We are pleased to introduce EYQUEM into our Product Range.

For more than 100 years, EYQUEM worked in collaboration with automotive car makers in developing high-performance and less polluting engines. This confers the company the status of historical and preferred partner of car manufacturers. These products allow improved fuel economy, fewer emissions and better vehicle safety.

Eyquem became part of the Beru group in 2003 and was acquired by American company Federal-Mogul in July 2012; an expansive supplier of products and services to global manufacturers and servicers of vehicles and equipment in automotive, commercial, marine, rail, aerospace and industrial markets – and more.

EYQUEM is the world’s oldest leading spark plug brand still in activity. Eyquem have a large range of spark plugs and also glow plugs to cover a large range of vehicle applications.

All Eyquem glow plugs we stock are made in Germany.