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Oxygen sensors

What is an oxygen sensor?

An oxygen sensor senses the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas and sends a signal to the engine computer (ECM), which adjusts the air/fuel mixture to the optimal level.


Too much oxygen in the exhaust gases indicates a lean mixture, which can cause performance problems, including misfire. Too little oxygen indicates a rich mixture, which wastes fuel and results in excess emissions. Either condition can shorten the life of the expensive catalytic converter.

Not only are properly functioning oxygen sensors good for the enviroment, but they can save money in fuel costs, too.Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor will do more than improve your vehicle's performance and reduce harmful exhaust emissions. It can save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel costs.

When to replace an oxygen sensor?

The average oxygen sensor typically have a service life between 50,000kms and 100,000kms

Exposure to carbon, soot, harmful gases, anti-freeze, chemicals, thermal and physical shock will shorten the life of an oxygen sensor. This results in increased fuel consumption, poor engine performance and excessive exhaust emissions.


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