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What is the Difference between a DMF and SMF?

Most European Passenger and 4WD vehicles have a clutch system fitted with either a single mass flywheel (also known as a SMF) or a dual mass flywheel (also known as a DMF). These vehicles are fitted with different clutch kits respective of the flywheels that are fitted from the factory.

The dual mass flywheel was designed to help smooth out the torque produced by petrol and diesel engines, by increasing the kinetic energy stored on the input shaft side of the gearbox and provide easier gear changes and less drivetrain noise.

The single mass flywheel dampening springs are usually in the clutch plate. The dual mass design incorporates the dampening springs within the flywheel.
The main benefits of a single mass flywheel
-It is a cheaper alternative to replacing the DMF

-Increased durability due to no wearing parts in the flywheel

The images below show the visible difference between the dual mass and single mass flywheel.

Dual mass flywheel image

 DMF - no springs are visible on the clutch plate (they are built into the flywheel)

Single mass flywheel image

 SMF - you can see the springs built into the clutch plate. Also evident is the difference in the flywheel (to the left at the back)





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